Phish Make Big Bucks at NYE 2017

The results are in: Phish sold 76,598 tickets for their sold-out NYE 2017 run at Madison Square Garden.

According to Billboard, Phish grossed $5.9 million with the four shows, earning $419,000 more than the band did for 2016’s four-night run. Of course, that’s not including expenses, but also it’s not including merchandise, streaming, or mp3 sales.

Phish grossed $15 million for the Baker’s Dozen residency, selling 227,385 tickets, which now seems to pale in comparison. Why do 13 shows for $15 million when you can do four shows for $6 million? Rather, shouldn’t 13 shows earn more like $18 million?

Comparitiely, Dead and Company grossed $3.9 million for their two shows at The Garden in November, selling out 34,735 tickets.

But who’s counting!