Everything & Anything Baker’s Dozen: The Recap (Yes, This Is Still Lawn Boy.)

Ok, wow. Wow! What an incredible run of shows… we’re still recovering and joyfully discussing, sharing, remembering, re-listening… and there’s been a lot of things to keep up with, so at risk of missing something or not linking to an article, well… here’s our best attempt at putting it all together in one place. Enjoy!

The voters at Phish.net have spoken! Two of the Baker’s Dozen shows now reside in the top five rated shows of all time!

Everyone’s favorite psych writer Jesse Jarnow chatted with Trey Anastasio for The New York Times to see if they couldn’t shed some insight on how the hell this band actually pulled off 13 nights of 237 original songs with no repeats! And LiveForLiveMusic.com published all the “out-takes” from that interview, which may actually be more interesting than what the NYT printed in our humble opinion.

Oh, and Fans.com made those sweet infographics!

Even Ben & Jerry’s posted a recap of their 13 favorite moments of the Baker’s Dozen.

Billboard published their thirteen favorite moments as well.

Oh, and hey – let’s not forget about the kind soul who built that Google Sheet listing all the songs played and not played… where would we be without that!? Probably still wondering Is This Still Lawn Boy?


Oh, and not to mention Tyler Kreshover’s Periodic Table, just brilliant.

Here’s the final version:


And these guys? Well done, gentlemen. Well, done.

We think you can still order your shirt, not sure though. Can you still order a lawn boy shirt?

Yes, Lawn Man was our favorite jam of the BD if we had to pick just one child to love…

Scott Marks of Phish.net aka @bizarchive listed his favorite jams here:


Let’s see… what else?



Oh, a couple of people went to (their first) Phish shows and wrote about it for The New York Times or Newsweek or HuffPo. And there was that New Yorker article that was sweet and genuine even if the author got trolled for getting some details wrong. Sorry!



Speaking of Newsweek… they broke the story that Phish fans often buy balloons of Nitrous after the show. Thankfully, no one we know was featured in those photographs. Can’t say we condone doing Nitrous but also we can’t say we condone publishing photos of people doing Nitrous either. For shame, Newsweek.

Is that everything? Nope!

LiveForMusic.com wants to make sure you didn’t miss any setlist tricks, all good there?



And Scott Bernstien at JamBase.com put together a list of 50 statistics from the Baker’s Dozen, including, The Number of Hours “Lawn Boy” would be if it truly went from the first set on July 25 to the encore on Aug. 6… Answer: 260.

Even with all of this, our post here wouldn’t be complete without a recap video from our buddy FZappa.



Even a local NYC news anchorman made it to nine out of the 13 shows!

Our favorite TV political pundit, Katy Tur, really brought it on Monday after the Baker’s Dozen, fitting in over 10 Phish references… Katy, don’t ever stop!



Let’s not forget about the awesome, the indomitable CK5, Mr. Christoper Kuroda who truly outdid himself with this Baker’s Dozen run… Check out Lighting Designer/Director Chris Kuroda and Associate Designer and Programmer Andrew Giffin interviewed on “The Light Side” Podcast.


Also there were a couple of surveys after the Baker’s Dozen.


LiveForLiveMusic.com published their Baker’s Dozen Awards, also proving that Lawn Boy was the best jam of the run.

And here at PhanSite, we did our own poll to try and understand how many Baker’s Dozen attendees actually hit all 13 out of 13 shows…


With just about 200 respondents and 18 of those having hit all 13 shows, we can surmise that 10% of attendees made it to all 13 shows. Considering MSG’s 20,000 person capacity, perhaps we could estimate that 2,000 people attended all 13? Maybe less?


And last but not least: let’s give it up for Federal Donuts…

Felicia D’Ambrosio, one of five co-owners of Federal Donuts in Philadelphia, and their whole team really stepped up and made it happen. May I gently remind people that NO OTHER BAND collaborates with a bakery to give away donuts to their fans. TheCut.com and NPR both published great stories about Federal Donuts and the donut giveaways. God bless Federal Donuts!


Thank you, Phish!


Thank you for an incredible 13 nights!

See you in Colorado!