This is PHISH: 7/15/17 Simple >

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what it’s all about. This is PHISH.

Both classic and simple (sorry), the song “Simple,” while never recorded as part of a studio album, has been a staple in Phish’s repitoire since the mid-90s. This is one of those great jam vehicles that Phish has and without a studio version, it may be safe to say the Gordon-penned jaunt is exactly that: a jam vehicle, no more, no less.

And the “Simple” jam they brought to Chicago’s Northerly Island on Saturday night is one for the record books. Call your Grandma, call your cousin, call your coworker, they need to hear this!

This is Phish at their best, if I may say. This is fun, curious, loose, and dark… not to spoil it too much, but the band takes a tease of another song to it’s “tease” limits – a song that has yet to see a studio version as well – before devolving to near ambiance and progressing to a cumulative groove with Cactus dropping bombs, Page on synth, Fishman keeping time, and Trey hovering then soaring…