CashorTrade’s Founder Brando Rich featured on

As you may know, is a face-value ticket exchange community founded in 2009 where fans can buy and sell concert tickets for hundreds of bands and musicians, including Phish.

For many years the site was a labor of love, Brando Rich’s side project that he shared with his brother Dusty while the pair ran their own web design company. But recently surpassed a major milestone: 100,000 users. And last year, the site facilitated over 100,000 ticket exchange transactions. This new pinnacle gave the brothers a newfound energy and motivation to fully focus on the site and give it all their energies, and Brando is now working full-time on CashorTrade.


“Our goal is to disrupt an industry and be the Airbnb of tickets,” Brando said. “A fan-to-fan exchange is a fun idea among friends, but our plan is to become a real live alternative to the secondary market and compete with these billion dollar scalper companies.”

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