Find The Very Best Versions of Phish Songs: Phinest Version

Developed by Daniel Blankenship, Phinest Version is a site dedicated to helping fans rate and discover the very best live versions of Phish songs. Inspired by Steve Klebanoff’s, allows users to search by song, year, and specific shows with a ranking system similar to reddit.

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Currently, the Tahoe Tweezer (7/31/15) just barely outranks The Nassau Coliseum Tweezer (2/28/03) with a score of 51 to 49. The best Harry Hood? According to Phinest Version, it was played on NYE at The DCU Center in Worcester, MA (12/31/93).

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Most would agree that ’97 and ’98 were indeed Phish’s phinest years. And I think we can all smile to see 2015 take the bronze!

Check out and vote for your favorite performances, favorite shows, or just see where 2016 shows rank in history.