The Last American Gypsy – Now Available on Kindle

PhanSite’s A.P. Smith’s chronicle of 2004 Summer Tour and Coventry, The Last American Gypsy, is now available on Kindle.


Join A.P. Smith as he travels the country from Phish show to Phish show, from The Mothership in Hampton to the mud fields of Coventry, during what was slated to be the band’s final tour and final festival.

This book chronicles the author’s bittersweet adventure that was Phish Tour 2004.

Amazon Review: ‘The Last American Gypsy,’ A.P. Smith provides a phenomenally entertaining look into the world of the diehard Phish fan, and, thanks in no small part to his keen observational insight and unique voice, crafts a tale that is just as compelling to the casual fan or even a curious outsider in the process. Smith knows all the ins and outs of the scene and of the different types that are drawn to it, and he graciously passes that knowledge on to the reader. Experiencing the crazy situations he finds himself in (and deftly navigates his way out of) through his eyes is the most fun I’ve had reading in a long time — the gonzo spirit is alive and well in this work. Above all else, though, this book radiates with a genuine love for the band and an appreciation for all they’ve done for the fans. Anyone who shares that love should strongly consider letting Smith take them on this journey. You won’t be disappointed.

Now Available in Paperback and on Kindle