LISTEN: Trey Anastasio at Academy of Music in Northampton 3/8/17

Last night Trey Anastasio kicked off his solo acoustic tour at Northampton’s Academy of Music Theatre in Massachusetts. With a setlist including a balance of Anastasio originals and Phish staples, the show clocked in at nearly two hours. With an 800-person capacity, this venue offered an intimate setting for Trey, sitting front and center, to gently amble through his set as the crowd often sang along.

Trey made small talk throughout the set, “laughing to himself and feeling grateful for a lot of things,” as he said after performing Farmhouse. Then he shared his early misunderstanding of Marshall’s lyrics in Silent In The Morning, reminiscing about the tour days when his dog, Marley, joined the band on the road: “I used to think this song was about, ya know, how sometimes you’d think the dog was talking to you? If you’re in a certain state of mind? That’s what I thought this was about. Not the beginning part but the actual body of the song. So the very last line of the song I thought was me responding to her long conversation that she had been having with me.”

The audience laughed and then silenced for a emotive rendition of The Horse > Silent In The Morning.

Steam was especially interesting as Trey ran his guitar pick along the neck of his guitar to mimic the sound of Steam before forgetting the lyrics and pausing the song to asking for help from Tom Marshall off stage in a typically endearing fashion. Trey then thanked the audience for being so patient. “I was really getting into that,” he said, apologizing. “I cannot plan what I’m gonna do; I tried so hard! Like, all week! It would be so much easier if I just decided what I was gonna play and practiced it!”

He also admitted to spending a whole day learning to play Fuego acoustically… maybe it’s yet to come!

Trey Anastasio at Academy of Music in Northampton – 3/8/17

Trey Anastasio at Academy of Music in Northampton – 3/8/17

Trey Anastasio at Academy of Music in Northhampton, MA

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