Phish Baker’s Dozen Weekday Tickets Already Listed Below Face Value


As of 6pm EST, it seems that all GA tickets are now priced at $100+ Here at we aim to provide current, accurate articles that hopefully are also entertaining! We were certain that at 5pm these prices were accurate but we’ve received reports that pricing is now much higher. We apologize for any confusion we may have caused. Please believe us when we say we do not want to spread fake news, not now, not ever!

If you were wondering how the secondary ticket market would premiere after today’s TicketBastard on sale, well, here it is…

As of 5pm EST on Friday, February 17th… Here’s a brief accounting of Stubhub’s listings:

170 GA tickets for Phish’s Wednesday, July 26th show at a paltry $59.67, well below the face value of $80 plus handling fees.

177 GA tickets for Phish’s Tuesday, July 26th show at $60

162 GA tickets for Phish’s Tuesday, August 1st show at $60

178 GA tickets for Phish’s Wednesday, August 2nd show at $59.05

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 5.13.59 PM

For anyone wondering if they’d sell out right away or if there’d be tickets on the ground outside Madison Square Garden, well… we think this proves the latter. At least for the weekday shows! GA tickets for the kick off show on July 21st are only $85, and GA tickets for the finale on August is currently listed at $100.

Did you score in the lottery? Did you pull tickets on TicketBastard today?

If you have extras, please keep them in the family and consider using to buy and sell your face value tickets.

Otherwise, see you out front with your finger in the air!