Favorite Top 10 Jams of Mexico 2017

While it’s never easy choosing just 10 or so jams, moments, songs out of a three-night run, here at PhanSite.com we can confidently say these may not be the best jams per se, but they’re certainly our favorite jams! We hope you’ll agree.

Looking back on Riviera Maya 2017, the Phish from Vermont played 58 songs over the course of three shows. Here are our 10 favorites, and two honorable mentions.

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10) Prince Caspian 1/13/17

I know!? We’re as surprised as you are. This Caspian really goes places! Even if it doesn’t break into Type II territory (or does it?), the boys push the theme well beyond its usual treatment, with short Fuego threading and a sweet transition into Twist.

9) Down With Disease > No Men In No Man’s Land 1/15/17

Fluid and flexible, this jam doesn’t quite peak like we’d like but moves freely up and down and back and forth until seamlessly transitioning into No Men In No Man’s Land, which builds to an awesome peak that DWD just didn’t get it… better late than never!

8) Fuego 1/13/17

A fiery start that the boys reduce to a gentle glow of embers before Fishman’s deep percussion brings it back, flanked by Page’s organ rhythms and Trey’s supple twangs… Page switches to the piano and the flames get higher and higher. Listen.

7) Harry Hood 1/15/17

Light and easy, pretty and sparkly… then, with a series of drum rolls and rim shots from Fishman, we’re off to the races and Page has the lead! I feel good about Hood.

6) Mercury 1/14/17

This song has some real magic in it… Enjoy the official video here! Not counting the NYE Petrichor, this is the first official Phish video since 10/19/16 Harry Hood.

5) Meatstick 1/14/17

While we don’t usually get down with Meatstick, this one here is a bit different… most official track listings of this show will read Meatstick with a Crosseyed And Painless tease but really it’s a Crosseyed jam through and through, and a solid jam to boot, with a nice Meatstick rhythm underneath. Is this Meatstick or is this Crosseyed? I’m still waiting… been waiting since Dick’s!

4) Twist 1/13/17

The “Tequila” tease is plenty enough for this jam to make the list, and well worth a another listen. It just warms you up like a nice tequila should! Twequist!

3) Ghost 1/15/17

Trey hands out a Little Drummer Boy tease to Fishman, we get some funky clavinet from Page, then Trey comes around with an uplifting note progression, Page flips to piano, and the boys dig in… Ghost can get weird, some ghosts should be feared, this one features a range of emotion, a bona fide dirty jam potion!

2) Wolfman’s Brother 1/13/17

It’s good because it’s funky; it’s funky because it’s good. Check it out. We miss you, Harris!


1) Chalk Dust Torture 1/14/17

After a fun, adventurous first set, the Phish from Vermont take this classic rock vehicle into the stratosphere… then the mesosphere, then the thermosphere, then the exosphere! This is the Phish we love: creative arena rockers, baby! Space antelopes on a mission from God, flying higher and farther than the time before and the time before that.

Thanks, y’all! Until next time…


Honorable Mentions: Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley, 1/15/17 and The Curtain With 1/15/17


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