LISTEN: Every Show from Fall Tour 2016

What a tour?! Are you kidding me? Not just the Halloween Ziggy or the Vegas Golden Age – wow! But don’t forget the Mike’s Song to kick off the second night in Alpharetta. Or the Golden Age Tweezer No Men in Nashville. Really, though?!

Guys, that was an awesome tour. Sure, Vegas was the pinnacle, a fitting finale to an incredible run, but, have you heard Nashville? Not just Bobby Weir’s sit in, but holy hell, that second night, 10/19/16 was perhaps my favorite show.

I won’t recount it all for you, but you can listen to (almost) all of it here at

Unfortunately we don’t have the 10/31/16 Halloween show here for ya – you’re best off picking that up from if you haven’t already. Don’t hesitate, man, it only gets better with each listen. But who’s counting?

How Many Days Until Phish NYE MSG: 50 days

Until then, here’s what we’re listening to…

LISTEN: Phish in Charleston 10/14/16 and 10/15/16

VIDEO: Phish in Jacksonville 10/16/16

VIDEO: Phish in Nashville 10/18/16 with Bob Weir

LISTEN: Phish in Nashville 10/19/16

WATCH: Phish in Alpharetta 10/21/16 and 10/22/16

LISTEN: Phish in Grand Prairie 10/24/16 and Cities from 10/25/16

LISTEN: Phish in Las Vegas 10/28/16

WATCH: Phish in Las Vegas 10/29/16 and 10/30/16

Phish Covers Ziggy Stardust on Halloween – We Called It!

Go to for 10/31/16