“The MSG Rapture” by AJ Masthay

Phish at Madison Square Garden by the Numbers

Elton John has played Madison Square Garden 64 times, the most of any performer.

This coming weekend, September 30th, 2016, Billy Joel will play his 33rd show at Madison Square Garden, having performed at the venue once a month since January 2014.

The Grateful Dead played Madison Square Garden 52 times from 1979 to 1994,including a 9-night run in 1998. In 1980 The Grateful Dead held an 8-night run at Radio City Music Hall after playing for 15 nights at San Francisco’s Warfield Theatre.

Grateful Dead at MSG


Phish has played MSG a staggering total of precisely 35 shows since 1994, the first of which was just 72 days after the final performance of The Grateful Dead at MSG. And they will almost certainly play another three or four shows at MSG for New Year’s Eve 2016 – my money is on Wednesday 9/28 for that announcement.

And with this latest rumor, that Phish will play a “baker’s dozen” run of 13 shows at Madison Square Garden in 2017, well, anything is possible!

Featured Image: “The MSG Rapture” by AJ Masthlay.