Phish 2017 Tour Rumors

Earlier this month the rumor broke that Phish was organizing a Spring Tour… in Europe! The band hasn’t played outside North America since the 90s and even the shows they’ve played in Canada (and recently Mexico) are few and far between: only 98 shows, including two shows that were filmed and broadcast on the program Rockpalast on the station WDR.

Phish 02/16/97 at Rockpalast in Köln, Germany

Phish 06/22/97 at WDR Festival Lorey Loreley in Koblenz, Germany

But is this Phish Europe Tour 2017 rumor true?

A more recent rumor has since sprung up. Perhaps in anticipation of the imminent MSG NYE announcement, a new rumor has surfaced… a rumor that could alter the record books for one of the USA’s most revered venues, Madison Square Garden… The rumor is that Phish will play a “baker’s dozen” run of 13 shows at Madison Square Garden.

Both Europe and the Baker’s Dozen rumors seem outlandish and improbable. Both the scope and scheduling seems like a far cry from the likes of these all-inclusive Riviera Maya shows. But I guess you could say the same thing about the Riviera Maya shows before those announcements, so there’s a strange hope yet!