“Lawn Boy” from 11/30/89 to 12/31/12

“Lawn Boy”, the title track for Phish’s second studio album, was introduced at Boston’s Paradise on 11/30/89 and has since been played at 195 shows, 11.51% of all shows, according to Phish.net.

In fact, Phish played “Lawn Boy” at The Paradise the following night as an encore concluding with “Possum”. It would be nearly another 10 months until the album release (cassette only) on September 21, 1990 and almost another two years until the CD release. But those in attendance at the pair of The Paradise shows knew this song would take a special rank in the catalog as it would come to spotlight both Page McConnell’s bluesy vocals, performed not behind the keys but at the edge of the stage, as well as Mike Gordon’s subtle skills through jazzy, often minimal solos.

For Lawn Boy, it all began on a cold Boston night in 1989…

Phish’s premiere of “Lawn Boy” 11/30/89 at The Paradise, Boston, MA.

Needless to say there have been some very special and memorable performances of “Lawn Boy” over the decades, including the 12/31/12 acapella rendition at Madison Square Garden…

What is your favorite “Lawn Boy” performance?
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