Best “David Bowie” Ever? Ever Ever??

Today, David Bowie released the new single and video for his forthcoming album, “Blackstar”, 10-minute of quasi-sexy queasiness… space skeletons, creepy attics, Jesus scarecrows… while Bowie serenades us the only way he knows how: blindfolded? Crooning of executions and porn stars? In a word? Yes.

David Bowie “Blackstar”

Phish have played “David Bowie” at one in four shows since 1986… without question this song is a Phish staple and held high in the canon of jam vehicles in Phish’s garage. But of these 400+ performances, which is considered the best “David Bowie”?

It seems that most Phans can agree that the best “Bowies” were performed in the mid-1990s… and there’s plenty of ’em that’s for sure.

But today, we’re focusing on one. In homage to the great David Bowie himself, releasing yet another album on the cusp of his 69th birthday, here is one of, if not the best “David Bowie” by Phish.

Phish, 12-29-94 Providence, RI

What is your favorite “David Bowie” performance?
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